5. Stage of the VIA ROMEA

Thüringen – Homeland of German history

More than 1500 years ago, there was the mighty kingdom of the Thuringians around the Harz Mountains. For this reason, the forest was also called “Thuringian Forest”. Important long-distance routes have always travelled through the country. The VIA ROMEA in its course between Gotha and Schmalkalden reminds us of an old connecting road between Erfurt and Fulda.

22 Nordhausen – Straußberg

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Coming from the South Harz, we continue on the VIA ROMEA towards the Thuringian Basin. The day stage starts in Nordhausen and leads via smaller villages to Straußberg.

23 Straußberg – Ebeleben

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The day stage on the VIA ROMEA from Straußberg to Ebeleben is characterized by the vast hilly landscape of the Thuringian basin.

24 Ebeleben – Kirchheilingen

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On the VIA ROMEA through the Thuringian Basin. From Ebeleben to Kirchheilingen, we go through smaller villages towards the Thuringian Forest.

25 Kirchheilingen – Bad Langensalza

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The day stage from Kirchheilingen to Bad Langensalza on the Via Romea leads us on a former railway route through the villages of Klein- and Großwelsbach and Thamsbrück, further through the Thuringian Basin towards the south.

26 Bad Langensalza – Gotha

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On the Via Romea from Bad Langensalza to Gotha, we cross some small villages and experience the Thuringian basin with its extensive hilly landscapes.

27 Gotha – Friedrichroda

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The 27th stage of the pilgrim route VIA ROMEA leads towards the Thuringian Forest. From Gotha to Friedrichroda, the trail crosses the last foothills of the Thuringian Basin. We leave this one finally with the ascent to Friedrichroda. Thus, the VIA ROMEA arrived in the Thuringian Forest.

28 Friedrichroda – Schmalkalden

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The stage starts in Friedrichroda and leads over a larger ascent to the “Spießberghaus” and via the “Rennsteig” to the “Ebertswiese”. From there, the path goes long downhill for a long time, through the village of “Floh-Seligenthal” towards “Schmalkalden”. Very nice stage of the VIA ROMEA through the Thuringian Forest.

29 Schmalkalden – Meiningen

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From Schmalkalden to Meiningen, the tour goes through a wooded area. After the villages of Wallbach and Walldorf, we go through the broad valley of the Werra to Meiningen.

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