9. Stage of the VIA ROMEA

Donau-Ries- Area created by heaven

The “Nördlinger Ries” was created by a meteorite impact that hit the edge of the Swabian Alb almost 15 million years ago and that caused a crater. This impact is comparable to the town wall of Nördlingen in a small circle, only in a big one – perfectly circular.

42 Dinkelsbühl – Nördlingen

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Long day stage of the pilgrim route between Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen. We go via Wilburgstetten, Fremdingen and Marktoffingen to Nördlingen, one of the few towns in Europe which disposes of a completely preserved town fortification.

43 Nördlingen – Harburg

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The stage on the VIA ROMEA from Nördlingen to Harburg leads through open terrain as well as ithrough a forest area for a longer while.

44 Harburg – Donauwörth

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On the day stage of the VIA ROMEA from Harburg to Donauwörth, we go along the Wörnitz river over Brünsee, Ebermergen and Wörnitzstein. In Donauwörth, the Wörnitz river flows into the Danube.

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