7. Stage of the VIA ROMEA

Franconian wine country – Area of the bishops of Würzburg

The bishop of Würzburg was not only the spiritual head of his diocese, but also one of the most powerful territorial lords of the German Empire. Today, pilgrims find a rich tradition of wine growing and breweries. There are many places with an outstanding pilgrimage tradition.

34 Schweinfurt – Bergtheim

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From Schweinfurt to Bergtheim, we are accompanied by the Main for a long stretch today. Only in “Wipfeld”, we leave the river region and go towards Bergtheim via Schwanfeld.

35 Bergtheim – Würzburg

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The day stage from Bergtheim to Würzburg is characterized by agricultural areas and the peripheral areas of the city of Würzburg and then by Würzburg itself.

36 Würzburg – Ochsenfurt

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On the tour from Würzburg to Ochsenfurt we go through the beautiful “Maintal” (Main valley), with wonderful views over the water and the landscape.

37 Ochsenfurt – Aub

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From “Ochsenfurt”, the route to “Aub” will take us through “Hopferstadt” and “Oellingen”.

38 Aub – Rothenburg o.d.T.

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From Aub, we head south on the Via Romea, through the romantic “Taubertal” (Tauber Valley), towards the medieval Old Town of Rothenburg.

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