Pilgrim guides for individuals and groups

The route through Germany in 12 regions and 54 stages with own maps and material.

The route is explained in detail by street names and documented by more than 400 pictures.

Historico-cultural explanations and spiritual texts extend each stage.

Via Romea – Pilgrim Guide for Germany,

Stade – Mittenwald, Paperback, 160 pages, 14,90 € (only in german)

Note: Unfortunately, the pilgrimage guide is currently out of print and cannot be supplied by the publisher.

Pilgrim Stamp Pass

Pilgrim Stamp Pass for pilgrims from Stade to Rome

Paperback, 72 pages, 7,00 €

The Pilgrim Stamp Pass can be obtained in the Onlineshop Wernigerode Tourist-Information

A pilgrim pass is not mandatory, but it identifies the pilgrim on the way to various places of contact as such and can open the doors to hostels that remain closed to tourists or hikers. It is also a wonderful piece of memory.

However, in order to obtain the pilgrimage certificate in Rome at St. Peter’s Basilica for a recognized pilgrimage on foot to the tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul, it is absolutely necessary to prove this by means of the Pilgrim Pass!

Guide to the medieval Pilgrim Route

The medieval pilgrim route of the Via Romea – on foot and by bicycle on the North German section

Paperback, 96 pages, 12,00 €

The medieval pilgrim route to Rome – on the way on the Via Romea from the Thuringian Forest to the Alps

Paperback, 140 pages, 18,00 € (only in german)

Further information and ordering options can be found on the website www.unterwegs-auf-alten-strassen.de

Leaflets VIA ROMEA

We are happy to send you a leaflet about the pilgrim route VIA ROMEA (free of charge).

The leaflets are currently available for the following regions: (only in german)

*Greater Germany

*1.Stage – Stader Gest (Stade – Zeven)

*3.Stage – Ostfalen (Celle – Hornburg)

*4. Stage – Harz Mountains (Hornburg – Osterwieck)

*6. Stage – Rhön (Meiningen – Schweinfurt)

*7. Stage – Franconian Winelands (Schweinfurt – Rothenburg o. d. T.)

*8. Stage – Romantic Franconia (Rothenburg o.d.T – Dinkelsbühl)

*9. Stage – Danube-Ries (Dinkelsbühl – Donauwörth)

*10. Stage – Swabia (Donauwörth – Schongau)

*12. Stage – Bavarian Alps (Oberammergau – Mittenwald)

Send us an e-mail with your address to kontakt@viaromea.de

The flyers of the other regions are currently being produced.

As soon as another flyer will be published, we will inform you here.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the exact release dates at the moment.

Button of the Via Romea Germanica

We had a button produced.

You can order it for 1,20 € (plus shipping 1,90 €) in the online shop of ‘Wernigerode Tourismus GmbH’.

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