8. Stage of the VIA ROMEA

Romantic Franconia – Sacred in the heart

The Tauber river flows through the region “Frankenhöhe”, which shows us the way. The rivers Sulzach and Wörnitz, both of which originate in Schillingsfürst, also accompany the VIA ROMEA on its way. The Wörnitz flows broadly past Dinkelsbühl, the southernmost town in the medieval diocese of Würzburg.

39 Rothenburg – Schillingsfürst

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On the Via Romea, we go from Rothenburg to Schillingsfürst.

40 Schillingsfürst – Feuchtwangen

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The 40th day stage on the Via Romea from Schillingsfürst to Feuchtwangen leads us in many parts along the “Romatic Road”.

41 Feuchtwangen – Dinkelsbühl

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The Via Romea runs between Feuchtwangen and Dinkelsbühl through forests and open spaces for long stretches.

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