6. Stage of the VIA ROMEA

Rhön- Centre at the Franconian Saale

The Franconian region was under the rule of the Franconian kings since the first third of the 6th century. In the valley of the rivers ‘Streu’ and ‘Saale’, there are many testimonies of the Franconian royal house, which owned a significant power centre in Meiningen.

30 Meiningen – Mellrichstadt

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The day stage from Meiningen to Mellrichstadt offers a varied tour through the forest and the open fields. A highlight is the crossing at the former inner-German border near Eußenhausen.

31 Mellrichstadt – Bad Neustadt

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The day stage on the VIA ROMEA from Mellrichstadt to Bad Neustadt is characterized by small villages and an open, hilly landscape.

32 Bad Neustadt – Münnerstadt

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The day stage between Bad Neustadt and Münnerstadt is characterized by the hills and forests of the Rhön. Past the airfield of Bad Neustadt, we come to the small town of Münnerstadt.

33 Münnerstadt – Schweinfurt

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The stage from Münnerstadt to Schweinfurt on the VIA ROMEA is characterized by a wide valley for the first kilometres. Afterwards, we will come to the city of Schweinfurt and its suburbs.

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