11. Stage of the VIA ROMEA

Pfaffenwinkel – Sacred area with Alpine Panorama

The Pfaffenwinkel is a humorous term for the fact that there are so many monastery- and pilgrimage churches between Schongau and Ettal, before the beginning of the Alps. Famous monasteries are the Ettal, Steingaden, Rottenbuch, Polling and Wessobrunn as well as the pilgrimage churches of Vilgertshofen, Hohenpeißberg and the ‚Wieskirche’.

49 Schongau – Rottenbuch

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From Schongau. We arrive at the 49th day stage through Peitingen and the romantic “Ammertal” (Ammer valley) to Rottenbuch.

50 Rottenbuch – Saulgrub

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On the day stage from Rottenbuch to Saulgrub, we always have the Alps in view. From “Bad Bayersoien”, we come to the region of the Ammergauer Alps.

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