“Pilgrims open horizons”

Pilgrimage 2022

In 2022, pilgrims will travel together on the way to Rome, the VIA ROMEA GERMANICA. The motto is “Pilgrims open horizons”. This theme fits well with the motto of the pilgrimage route as a “path of encounters”. Pilgrims meet each other, meet hosts and people on the way. The conversations and encounters open horizons: for pilgrims and for those who meet pilgrims.

Finger pointers, so to speak, that help to open horizons. Some meet pilgrims with life experience and allow themselves to become friends in a familiar conversation “among strangers” for the intensity of the conversation. Such an experience also opens horizons. This is the invitation that the Europe-wide pilgrimage movement “Pilgrims Open Horizons” extends to fellow pilgrims and people along the way.

Would you like to come along, join the pilgrimage and meet pilgrims? For a day, for a week, for the whole distance? Then you are welcome to register.

Be there and open horizons!

Pilgrims from all over the world are setting out on a joint pilgrimage to Rome on the VIA ROMEA GERMANICA. We are looking forward to meeting other people in the pilgrimage group and along the way. We are looking forward to it.

Be there and register In which region would you like to join the pilgrimage?


Oslo – Larvik


Hirtshals – Viborg – Jelling – Padborg


Schleswig-Holstein – Niedersachsen – Sachsen-Anhalt – Thüringen – Bayern


Scharnitz – Innsbruck – Brenner


Südtirol .- … –

Material to invite for the pilgrimage walk

Download the invitation card and invite your relatives, friends, colleagues, … to our pilgrimage.

Forwarding as an email attachment is also permitted. We are looking forward to many participants in the European Pilgrimage.

Download the announcement poster for our Pilgrimage 2022 and distribute it around town. In shops, in your associations, in the tourist information offices, in the parish, …

We would also be happy to send you the material. Just send us a short message to kontakt@viaromea.de.

Don’t forget your address and how many posters and invitation cards you need. You can also let us know where you would like to distribute the material.

Thank you very much for your help.

Ours Partners

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